We know that the Church of Christ has been in Bernie since October 4, 1917. This is the date that M.E. Strickland, S.H. Tally, and D.L. Perkins purchased some property for the church for one hundred dollars from Joseph and Alice Huffman. It was located on North Allen Street, but at the time it was just referred to as the Church of Christ that met in the Sand Field. Through the years various speakers came to preach and teach at Bernie. The Huffard brothers began preaching in the Sand Field building while they were still at home.

In March of 1950 the property was purchased where the church presently meets. They met in a house on the property until the building was completed in 1953. The new auditorium was completed in 1985. The first worship assembly in the new addition took place on March 12, 1985 with 250 present for worship services.

We at the Bernie Church of Christ try to teach the gospel message in its purity and simplicity. We try to work together as a family of God striving to share the good news about Jesus Christ and His Church.

The following men have served at the Bernie Church of Christ as ministers: 

Howard Garner
Bill Allen
Glen Jacques
W.E. Mansur
Bob Hilburn
Don Smith
Duane Brandon
Thomas Daniel
James Barnes
Ron Henson
David Ransom (Associate)
Don Eubanks
Dan McVey
Shawn Glisson
David Lemmons
Tim Carroll
Stan Dauck

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